May 24, 2008

Airbag / Seatbelt error!

Posted in Problems at 10:23 by my207

On 22 May 2008, the error indicator for airbag / seatbelts displayed an error. The error remained on for my drive home from work. Later that day, when I should drive the car again, the error was gone… Haven’t seen it again.

Really, I don’t understand why Peugeot cannot improve the quality of the electrical and fault diagnosis systems.  Don’t know if problems are with cabling, sensors or software.

But it *is* very, very annoying.



  1. Tassos, Greece said,

    Is your problem temperature dependent like mine ?

    During hot days when ambient temperature exceeds approx. 23 οC and car is parked outdoor in a way that sun heats passenger cabin the following happens:
    When the driver starts the engine a message pops up on the display : “Airbags(s) or pretensioner seat belt(s) faulty”, at the same time the airbag symbol comes on.
    The indications above remain on until the cabin temperature falls so the next time the engine is started (and cabin temperature is low) no fault occurs.
    This fault is independent of the state of passenger airbag (on/off) by the key switch.

  2. my207 said,

    Yes! I do believe cabin temperature somehow has something to do with this problem. I have seen this a couple of times now, and it is when the cabin is really hot after leaving the car in the sun for maybe a work day.
    Your description of the problem is exactly what I see also…
    But, I cannot see why temperature is important? Does anybody have a clue why? Is it the electronics that can’t stand the heat?

  3. Tassos, Greece said,,635.msg33578.html#msg33578

    I had the multi message LCD display replaced but that was not remedy for my case. The ECU does not show any fault.
    I suspect airbag ECU. All electronics are affected by heat and in this case if there is a faulty component the problem pops up when hot.

    Did you take your car to the service center?

  4. Laura said,

    I’ve had nothing but problems with my car. Brought it from new, and had to be re-called for a new alternator. The tempreture gage on the dash board rocketed to the top and everything was beeping and telling me to pull over. Rang the RAC because I was stuck on the motorway. Came along and told me that this model of car is a big problem. The car thinks it’s over heating, so tells us what is did on the LCD screen. But really, its just an electrical fault. So I made it back home without it cutting out. Had a falt tyre, changed it and then the car wouldn’t start at all. The electric window on the passengers side, goes down ok but when you want to put it back up it goes soooo slow and sometimes doesn’t make it to the top. So we’ve had to have my dad on the outside of the car pushing it up, me on the inside pushing it while pressing the button. And lastly, the windscreen wipers didn’t come on when I needed them too. The only good thing that has come outta all this is that the car is still under the warrenty and I haven’t had to pay for any of this. I would have be really pissed off if I had to pay large amounts of money for a car that is pretty new still meant to be a great car! And in the same week, the key that I use and the spare key the folding mechanism is broken in both of them. THe first one was totally stuck inside the key and I couldn’t get it out and then the other one is so weak that I’ve had to stick like a knife in to pull it out. Nightmare!!

  5. Dale said,

    Under passenger seat there are wires maybe wires cut hence seat going forward and back, it happened to mine

    • my207 said,

      Thx – good idea to check these regularly I guess!

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