October 18, 2009

Antipollution fault

Posted in Problems tagged , , at 11:24 by my207

Today the multifunction display made the terrifying *beeep* and announced an antipollution fault (mileage is 65.990 km). The engine kept running fine, cannot notice anything different. Had the car for a stop a couple of hours, then started it again, and still the error persists. Googled a little and it seems there are a million (almost) causes of this error.

I decided to take the car on the highway, going 120 km/h in 4th gear @ approx. 3.500 RPM. I drove about 10 km this way, then stopped the car at a gas station. When I started the car, the error message was gone! Since this is a 1.4 HDi there is no particle filter (FAP) to clean, so why this error occurred I don’t really know (and this worries me somewhat – I like to know the root cause of problems).

This week I had a vacation, so I drove only very short trips where the car really didn’t warm up completely. Tomorrow I am going back to work, and I will do my usual highway pendling trip. I hope I don’t see this error again, but I will let you know.



  1. todd said,

    Hi there, i’m having the same problem on my 207 1.6 vti… the engine cut out and the anti pollution light stays on, i’m wondering how is your car now and is there anything can fix this problem?


  2. my207 said,

    Hi! Sorry to hear about your car problem. If you tried driving your car for 5-10 minutes at high revs (not in the reds though) and it didn’t clean the anti pollution filter, I think you need to take your car for a professional repair. My 207 is doing good 🙂 except for one problem I have had before – the speed pilot sometimes refuses to work.

  3. todd said,

    Very nice to hear that your 207 is doing good. i couldn’t even rev the engine over 2000 rpm because of the engine cut out by the ecu, the car could only run between 10-15km/h while the check engine light and the anti pollution beep were on.
    It was very dangerous that night i was about 60km away from home so i called and tow the car to Peugeot Dealer immediately, until now it’s been 5 days they said they’re changing the Variable Valve Lift Motor for the car (:-) i don’t know what that is) i hope the car will be fine, it’s a great little car except for this common problem.

  4. Jaye Hughes said,

    I have had the same problem with my Peugeot 207 1.6 HDi. Bought the car in Aug 2010 with 4800 miles on clock. Problem started in summer 2011, had it serviced in the August, no fault shown on diagnostics. It continued to do this very intermittently over following year, mainly on short local journeys. Took it in for service this August, again no fault showed on diagnostics. In September 2012 problem got worse, stopping once on busy motorway and 5 times in one journey on busy dual carriage way. Took it straight to servicce centre at my local Peugeot dealer and lo and behold now its out of warranty, they said it needed a new filter and a new fuel pressure sensor at the cost of £393!
    Got it ‘fixed’ by 2nd Oct and travelling to Scotland last week it again lost power on M6 THREE times. Not a very happy bunny!!

    • todd said,

      Hi Jaye, sorry to hear about this problem of your 207.
      I also had the lost power problem from the anti pollution fault code in June 2012, took it to the dealer had the Variable Valve Lift Motor and the Engine air filter changed. and also i did a search on the internet about this, some people said it’s because the sensor in the Catalytic Converter/Exhaust gets dirty and requires cleaning. They recommended a product call CataClean (£15 ebay) which will get rid of this problem of 207 and i tried it right after i got the car back from my local dealer and the car’s running fine since June 2012, touch wood. I’m going to use it again every 4 months as the bottle said.
      Maybe you can also give it a try see if it helps.

      • Terry C said,

        Hi Todd and Jaye
        Just bought a secondhand 2007 207 1.6HDI sport with 41k on the clock, got the car home and I’m well impressed by the “pocket rocket” ( for a diesel) however on the second day of owning it the anti pollution light and beep of death came up. Had it before on my 407 company car so didn’t worry too much, however in less than 50 miles it has conked out 4 times and won’t go above 3k revs. I received a warranty with the car but as usual not worth the paper it’s written on, as it doesn’t cover the PDF. Does the problem go away with motorway driving as I have to use the car from Bristol to Manchester, so if that’s the case I will live with it?
        I have heard that 2 stroke oil in the diesel can improve this problem as it lowers fuel consumption and makes the engine quieter and lubricates the fuel pump. A few links on Google when you put in 2 stroke oil in diesel

      • Jaye said,

        The problem mainly happened on short non motorway journeys until October when it lost power on M6 three times in the space of one junction. Have just drove to Scotland again, round trip of 460 miles, no problems. Got back to home town, stopped at Asda for few bits and it did it again 3 mins into my journey home.

  5. William said,

    Hi I had the same problem and it was the sensor on the manifold that was faulty, I had it replaced and it has been running smoothly ever since. That was a year ago

    Hope this help.

  6. Paul said,

    Problem on the 207 1.4 hdi is the eve valve gets clogged and needs cleaning out. You can also drive the car at high revs in third for fair distance. This is supposed to start a cleaning process controlled by the eve. Basically crud in the engine is burnt by heat in the engine.

  7. rhulie said,

    M also getting De same messages of ant pollution, from 2013/08/17,n De car just stop

  8. Tina said,

    My 207 has done it twice now, first time i was on my own travelling on a dual carriage way n going through the Conwy tunnel and it cut out, luckily i managed to get out of there and get the car off the rd only just, Had a valve replaced so didn’t think it would happen again then today on same dual carriage way it cut out again luckily this time we could pull into a service station as had our baby in car with us! We managed to restart the car and get home safely but now I’m worried about driving it on my own 😦

    • Christine said,

      I have a 207 and the past few weeks my engine cuts out while driving and the antipollution message also my temperature gauge isn’t working. I to am worried about driving my car I’ve been told it could be the ecu which I understand is not a cheap fix..

  9. Adam207 said,

    hi there I bought a car few days a go and an antipollution fault come up on datchboard !!!! The malfaction light its on as well can any one tell me please
    Thank you xx

  10. Simon Padgett said,

    i have just recently bought a Peugeot 207 sw diesel and after a week of driving it the antipollution warning came on took it back to the main dealer as it was still under warranty and they are going to change the EGR valve does anyone know whether this will cure the problem?

  11. JT said,

    Had antipollution fault, and loss of power on my Peugeot 207 1.4 hdi diesel, 2010, changed the EGR valve, problem gone.

  12. Daz said,

    Had the same fault on (2009 24k on clock) my 207cc Peugeot dealer found it was the camshaft sensor, sorted.

  13. ronald force said,

    My daughter just bought a peugeot 207cc gti had it three weeks depollution fault warning came up i had a run in it, the car run fine for about 10 miles then when we came to a roundabout and then back on the motorway it lost power.The next day it ran fine on short runs but then it just lost power again, it feels like the choke was on if it had one anybody out there had this problem?. thank you.

  14. Anna said,

    Hi, I had this issue too, and replaced all sensors with original parts, and still the bloody error comes up in the display 😦 any ideas?

  15. todd said,

    Drive your Pug faster, harder on low revs once in a while then this won’t happen again Trust me.

  16. Peter said,

    I am now having ‘anti-pollution faulty alert’ for third time in four years on my 2009 petrol 207 which I bought from new and has bn dealer serviced. Also loss of power and variable temp gauge reading – again. Hours of wasted time and money trying to sort this. Dealer doesn’t seem to know what’s going on. No faith in this vehicle whatsoever.

  17. Anne-Marie Rousseau said,

    I have a 207 hatch back petrol Peugeot, I was filling it up at the petrol station and when I go back on the road it started jerkking, I change the petrol pump they look at the sensor in the exchaust, and R9100.00 later it do the same, any one who can give itvise!

  18. Mawe said,

    I have the same problem. I am driving 207 petrol car. It stopped every time I press the breaks.. what do you mean by low revs?
    I am from South Africa

  19. has anyone had their ecu board fixed. We have spent apx £600 trying to get the issue sorted and its still not fixed. we have currently taken the car off the road whilst we try and find a solution. i really do think Peugeot should recall these cars as I have been in the fast lane on the motorway when the anti pollution light has come on and ive had to get over to hard shoulder before all power goes completely. its very dangerous. i am wondering if anyone has had the problem successfully resolved.

    • Kelly said,

      This has happened several times to me now whether on a A road at 70mph or local area at 30mph. It is frightening when it just cuts out and loses power. Took it to main dealer who ran a diagnostic report and have been told it is the fuse box in the engine. It has cost me £273 as my warranty is not worth the paper it is written on. The small print lists things not covered under warranty and one of those is wiring and electrics and they are saying the fuse box comes under electrics!!! And to top it off the main dealer have told me that although they think it is the fuse box there is a chance that once they have replaced it …I could still have a problem with the car!!! I don’t understand why there is this problem and why Peugeot still have these cars on the road when there seems to be continuous complaints with them and from what I have Googled this has been going on for many years.

    • Chris R said,

      Hi , just wondered if you’ve had any joy fixing your peugeot we have the same problems we’ve tried changing oil pressure sensor , crank sensor diesel filter had it on diagnostics showing no fault codes been cutting out for 18 months now, dangerous it’s not loosing power it just cuts out so that’s not egr valve symptoms ,a sticky valve will cause lack of power .

  20. James Motaung said,

    I drove the to Pietermariezburg on the way it start showing me the engine picture, after that I hear unusual sound. I stop for a wile than I start it again that picture disappear, But after some kilometer appears again, made to stop and restart like that. i arrive at home at night. I lock it, after some while the infront light lit automatically.that is the problem I got from my Peugeot 206, 1.6


  21. Bungle said,

    Hi – this is my first post on this site but thought I should considering the benefit I got from this site. Thanks to everyone for your help in this thread particularly.

    I bought my 207 1.4HDi from a private seller 4 days ago. My dad’s a mechanic of 50 years experience and on his advice (“great engines”) I bought myself this as a second car. It’s a 07 plate with 76k on the clock. I am next to useless with cars, but based on a few internet searches before purchase, I knew enough to check for warning lights.

    Test drive was clear and showed no issues, but when I started driving home in it, that’s when the messages started… “PLIP battery spent”, then “Anti pollution fault”, then “LH rear light fault” (or similar). I panicked that I had bought a heap of junk but fortunately using tips from this site and Youtube, the PLIP and light faults were really quick and easy fixes.

    On the anti-pollution fault, like I said I don’t know much about cars, but I wonder now if that problem was caused by the previous owner running the tank so close to empty before I bought it. The needle was right at the bottom and he said to get fuel ASAP. Anyway, fair to say that after reading the above thread, I was panicking the next day when I got into the car and the same message was showing. So I was going to give it a go with some Cataclean, but on the way to Halfords, thought I may as well try one of the other suggestions – so I took it for a blast up an A road near me. About five miles going 60 in third, basically getting the revs over 3,000 and the temperature up. And that seemed to fix the problem – no more anti pollution warning! Later that day, I did the same on a motorway – 70mph in fourth – to hopefully do more of the same.

    3 days later and no recurrence of any of the warning lights so fingers crossed that’s the antipollution problem fixed for good. Hope so as it’s such a nice car to drive. Much prefer it to my Vectra in almost every respect.

  22. i brought a 207 yesterday it running fine but today it stalled and the anti pollution faulty displayed on screen and the engine light is on can anyone help

  23. Tim said,

    Bought a ’08’ 207 1.4 petrol a few weeks ago and the anti-pollution warning light has just come on….just wondering whether to go out and give it a quick ‘Italian tune up down the dual carriageway? Would that help?

  24. rashida said,

    hi, my Peugeot 207 1.4 xr, has this anti pollution beep which comes up when I start the vehicle, while driving the beep and warning disappears, I don’t know anything about vehicles, the vehicle has been serviced , oil, plugs camshaft and everything that goes with it has been sorted, but the warning still comes up on start-up….
    I was told its the computer box that needs to be reset.

    • Tim said,

      Hello Rashida, what year is your Peugeot 207?

      • rashida said,

        hi Tim , its 2007

      • Tim said,

        Hi Rashida,

        The anti-pollution fault came on my wife’s 207 a week last friday. Here’s what I did after doing some research:

        I drove the car to the motorway, I drove in 4th gear for about 12-15miles, on the motorway (this is something well known), then I went to Halfords and purchased a bottle of Cataclean, I emptied the whole bottle into the petrol tank and drove around normally for around 15 minutes. I then left the car to cool down for a few hours and went to check to see if the light was still on…it was, so I left it until a day later when I checked it again, it was still on, I turned the engine off then on again and the light then went out.
        I’ve been driving around in it now for a few days and can report that all is well, the car seems to be a bit more responsive as well…I hope this helps!

  25. todd said,

    Hi Tim,

    Good to hear that you got it fixed!
    This is also what i did to my 2008 207 1.6 Petrol back in 2012 (that’s when i purchased the car second hand for two months) and the anti pollution fault came on. I purchased Cataclean and followed the procedure and then it’s fixed the fault light never came on until today.
    I highly recommend you drive the car faster, sometimes floor it until the rpm reach 5-6 thousand more often 🙂 believe it or not the anti-pollution fault will never come again 🙂

    Best Wishes,

    • Tim said,

      Thanks Todd, it sure was a relief to us both especially as we’ve only had the car under a month! It’ll give me a good excuse to give it a good thrashing every now and again lol;)

    • rashida said,

      hi Todd
      thanx Tim
      what is the purpose of cataclean, is it like antifreeze or anti coolant

    • Ron said,

      Hi Todd,

      I had same issue with my 207 car too and its 2008 model I have done all the tricks but it still come here and there. when it come I get a miss and my engine heat indicate drop to 70 and start engine fan. also my engine goes to safety mode and drop the power. Is there any permanent solution for this. I have check my ECU and there is no faults with it.

      • Todd said,

        Hi Ron,

        Sorry to hear about your car have the same problem but couldn’t get lucky. If you’ve already tried all the tricks we’ve suggested but the problem still comes on you might want to take the car to dealer or your trusted mechanic to find out what really causes this problem like i did back in 2012 i took the car to the dealer and had the Variable Valve Lift Motor changed and that was it, no problem until now. Sorry that i couldn’t help but i hope your car will be ok soon and looking forward to know what was the problem of yours.

        Best Wishes,

  26. Hugh morton said,

    I unfortunately am the owner of a pug 207 1.6 hdi sport 2008 model anti polution system faulty light came on,took to dealers and they said egr valve.ok i put a new one on and fault still shows.Then it started cutting out while driving,loud beep,engine stops and message oil pressure too low. So changed oil and filter,new oil pressure switch and the thing still cut out. Next move after diagnosics showed fuel rail pressure too high,new fuel rail pressure sensor and fuel filter.still cuts out. With oil pressure too low showing ,and engine light also been on for ages.so now removed sump and oil pick up strainer,all clean as a whistle.another oil change with filter,phew, blooming thing still cuts out. Put this car off the road as too dangerous to drive and dont know what to try next.any help appreciated.

    • Chris said,

      Hello had same problem,cutting out tried everything then eventually took it to Peugeot and they said it was faulty fuse box, common problem had new one fitted no problem now . Check to see if your car has been recalled for this .

      • hugh said,

        Thanks Chris,according to dealer,Arold Clark,there have been no re calls for my car. I just ordered a new fuse box on Monday from local motor factors and waiting on its arrival .I will update post when its fitted and give results.

  27. Sean said,

    Hi having same anti pollution fault with my 1.4 petrol 207 flagging up 5 fault codes 4 are which are sensor and 5 is purge valve open I’ve replaced will sensors yet still coming up with them I’ve throttled in down motorway in 4 gear doing 70 with cataclean running out of ideas anyone help message me back on email will be grateful . Seanmoatlyk.sm@gmail.com

    • Todd said,

      Hi Sean,

      I recently saw this video about water ingress in the fusebox coming from a leak in the washer fluid pump and travelling upwards through the wire and corroded the pins: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qResJn6gNec

      • Sean said,

        Would that cost alot to fix do you reckon and would the car be okay if I didn’t sort it out ?

  28. zamathuli said,

    I’m driving a Citroen piccaso C3 2010 model, I have been getting the same Anti pollution faulty message on my dash board as well, and an engine warning light also appears…I am.able to drive the vehicle but there is this high doing sound that the engine makes.and this morning it cut off twice after the error message appeared, when I checked the the water storage bottle was almost empty I filled it up started the engine and drove, was very anxious the whole trip home as I was driving the engine light was still on, what could be the cause of this?

  29. Chris said,

    Hi there, I had same problem with my 207 mine was cutting out all the time took it to Peugeot in end it was the fuse box. They replaced it . Lots of 207 were recalled for this problem you can check on line with chassis number mine fine now! hope this helps .

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